Grow New Brunswick into a garden paradise.

Buy land. Share it with others.

We invite you to help us create a paradise here. There are plenty of abandoned farms waiting to become rural neighbourhoods, filled with micro farms and garden homesteads.

It is time to purchase abandoned rural land and share it with others. This is part of the foundation for creating rural neighbourhoods: making land accessible to all, at no cost.

The first step to creating community is the inner inclination to see the benefit of creating a community…for all, no exceptions.

The next step is to root yourself into a relationship with the earth, and create a home. Here you will find the peace of mind to begin the journey of healing our broken relations, of knitting together friendships with others. Then you can extend a welcome to others, by sharing land with them freely.

For nearly 15 years my partner and I have been investing our efforts to help develop a thriving neighbourhood. I will share as much of the details with you here as I can. You can read here personal stories and thoughts on the subject, and can reach out to me anytime to ask questions about this journey.

Without a doubt, the natural world around me has been a medicine for over 30 years. The dramatic skies, the gentle greenery, the animal life…they all help bring peace of mind, without which it would be impossible for me to help develop a community.

That’s a start! I will share more here in time. Trust that you have everything inside you that you need to make it happen.

Here is an introductory guide create by the Foundation for Intentional Communities entitled, “Starter Guide to Intentional Communities.”

A guide worth reviewing for those interested in creating community.

We have just begun the new iteration of this site as of September, 2021. The old one can be accessed here, and you are invited to read further my personal thoughts on the subject of creating rural neighbourhoods, below:

  • Go east, young woman
    A letter from a possible New Brunswick future. Dear New Brunswickers, I’m excited for next week. It’ll be Wednesday March 6, 2030 and I’ll be heading to the Land Services office of New Brunswick in Fredericton. My family is hoping that parcels of land will still be available outside of Fredericton. I am certain there… Continue reading Go east, young woman
  • The Given Land
    Sharing here an article by German journalist, Uta-Caecilia Nabert, about our journey of sharing land in rural Canada. Uta visited us a few years ago and created this article for a German readership. Not long after it was translated and shared in English. Here it is: Link to English Article I am sharing this primarily… Continue reading The Given Land
  • You are needed.
    Are you longing for community? You can create a community, a real one, with people of all ages who become kind neighbours to you. And this is much easier to do in the forgotten back roads of our rural landscapes. If you are willing to step outside the comforts and conveniences of our overbuilt, over-populated… Continue reading You are needed.
  • The Gift of Land
    Dear folks, Thank you for being here. For many, the idea of creating a rural neighbourhood may not be your focus. But likely there will be a few for whom it may. Perhaps the growing interest in a ‘Gift’ economy may be a plausible means to assist community founders in acquiring land to share.  Sharing… Continue reading The Gift of Land
    I have to get back to installing doors in a new house in the neighbourhood, but before I do, I wanted to make a post to say that I will continue here sharing the inspiring event that is unfolding around me here in the rural hinterland. We hosted a pizza party last night for neighbours… Continue reading FREE LAND
  • The Flourishing Dirt Road
    I am here to share news of a coming together, of the creation of a vibrant community, so that you will take part in creating communities of your own. First, I am simply one part of many moving parts that came together to create our community. Some would say I played a pivotal role, as… Continue reading The Flourishing Dirt Road


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