The Given Land

Sharing here an article by German journalist, Uta-Caecilia Nabert, about our journey of sharing land in rural Canada. Uta visited us a few years ago and created this article for a German readership. Not long after it was translated and shared in English. Here it is:

Link to English Article

I am sharing this primarily to bring attention to some of the root elements that came together to create a growing, vibrant community in an otherwise economically-depressed region of rural Canada.

Those root elements that, in my opinion, helped in the success of community creation are briefly:

  1. Being a welcoming host to all who come
  2. Having land to share freely
  3. Small schoolhouse, or community centre
  4. Simple land use plan, delineating homestead lots and common land
  5. A little willingness to allow the project to unfold without controlling it

I may be wrong on some points, but keeping it simple must have been a factor in our success, as I am not able to manage complicated systems! 😉