The Rural Neighbourhood Project is an idea that has come from several years of dreams around rural revitalization and what it could look like in New Brunswick.

From approximately 2006, to now (Fall of 2021) we have been on a journey to create a rural neighbourhood here in South Knowlesville. Since its inception, many people have lent their hands and hearts to the mission of building practical tools & skills for achieving a sustainable future.

This project has proven that a vibrant rural neighbourhood can be created. This website, the Rural Neighbourhood Project, will distill elements of our success, in my personal opinion, and be shared on this site, so that perhaps what has happened here can be increased and expanded for many others.

My name is Leland Wong-Daugherty, and I played a role in helping to enliven the South Knowlesville rural neighbourhood, as have many, many others. I have held dearly a vision of people living happily on our forgotten dirt road, with free access to land, to grow gardens and raise their families. Now blessed to witness my own dirt road becoming populated with dear people, I wish to see our success expanded upon and multiplied outward.

Again, this site is an opportunity to share, as simply as I can, the components I feel are foundational to our success.

Thank you for coming!

Leland Wong-Daugherty
South Knowlesville, New Brunswick, Canada

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