South Knowlesville
Community Land Trust
111 Simms Rd
Knowlesville, NB
E7L 4P7

Ways to get involved

Arrange a Visit
The best way to see if you want to live in South Knowlesville is to come out for a visit. Upon request we will host a 'walk on the land' and workbees to help people interested in this endeavour to get to know the land and the people in the area. In return for the tour, we ask that you give a donation to our community centre, the Knowlesville Art and Nature School.

  • The 'walk' will take you on the land, through the woods and the fields and initial gardens. There will also be introductions to the land use visioning and locations of the Knowlesville Art and Nature Centre and future dreams.
  • The 'workbee' is a chance to help create community through activities like gardening, building, plastering, and tree planting. For more information email us or call 506-375-8623 and ask when the next workbee will take place.

Other Related Opportunities

Knowlesville Art & Nature Centre is looking for people interested in offering classes to the local community. Are you an avid quilter, blacksmith, piano teacher, or cartoonist? Whatever your particular skill, we are interested in starting a roster of life-long learning opportunities. Set your timeframe, your cost and we'll promote it. Call 375-6400 or email

Grow your own foodTake back your food sovereignty - grow your own! Looking for a garden plot? One is waiting for you on the South Knowlesville Community Land Trust.