South Knowlesville
Community Land Trust
111 Simms Rd
Knowlesville, NB
E7L 4P7

About Us

The South Knowlesville Neighbourhood is an idea that has come from several years of talk and dreams around rural revitalization and what it could look like in Knowlesville.

Since its inception, many of people have lent their hands and hearts to the mission of building practical tools & skills for achieving a sustainable future. Those who decided stay in rural New Brunswick make up part of the South Knowlesville Neighbourhood effort.

Land for Sale

The current options for land in this area are wide. There are numerous old farm houses and tracts of land that are up for sale within a 10 mile radius of South Knowlesville. It would be wonderful to have more people move to the area and make their homes in the houses and land that are currently un-occupied. This too will add to a potential revival of the rural community.

Creating a walkable neighbourhood while maintaining rural character and natural assets

What is unique about the South Knowlesville Neighbourhood is that we want to invite people to consider building homes much closer together, so that we can walk between neighbours, support small businesses and still enjoy large areas for farming and nature trails.

We are seeking people who want to move to rural New Brunswick. We need a critical mass of people who want to do this, to make it work.

South Knowlesville / Skeddadle Ridge Area

We are in a remote, gorgeous location with hardwood forest ridges & mixed lowlands. We are farming organically, using solar and wind where possible and have high aspirations for being part of a new 'future' world, endeavouring to live with a lighter ecological footprint. We are about 1 hour and 15 mins from Fredericton.