Ginger Carrot Apple Salad - by Yolande Clark

I love this salad, and I hope you do too. This is a great salad to make with kids. They love to grate, they love to taste. It might sound unusual, but it is delicious and *ridiculously* healthy. Take the following ingredients:


Make everything small. IE: grate the grateables, chop the stuff that likes to be chopped, and mix it all together. Some people are quite sensitive to ginger "the underground stem of the ginger plant Zingiber officinale", says Wikipedia. Ginger is purported to have numerous health benefits, and has been used throughout the ages, throughout Asia, especially. And elsewhere. Oh, and you might want to peel the apples and clean the carrots thoroughly. Throw everything together in a beautiful wood-fired ceramic bowl. Or any old bowl.


Raw Cream of Broccoli Soup - by Eliza

This soup was introduced by Eliza So to me. I was very skeptical that a raw soup would be both creamy and delicious. But it was light, cool and delicious. A great calcium rich soup for summer lunches! Take the following ingredients, wash and cut up slightly:
BROCCOLI(2cups), SOAKED RAW ALMONDS(1cup), GARLIC(1-2cloves), OLIVE OIL(1Tsp), AGAVE (1tsp), SEA SALT (1tsp), CUMIN (pinch), PEPPER (pinch), WATER (3cups)
Blend amonds, water and agave until smooth. Add remaining ingredients, blend and serve.


Spelt Pitas

It is easy to make your own whole grain pitas. We will make a simple yeasted bread recipe with the following:
WARM WATER (2cups), MOLASSES(1 Tsp), YEAST (1Tsp), ORGANIC WHOLE SPELT FLOUR (@5cups), DRY MILK POWDER(1/2cup optional), OIL (2Tsp)
Mix in everything together except for one cup of flour. Let rise for 30 mins. Add in the remaining flour by kneading and let rise again in covered bowl for 30mins. Make small balls of dough and roll out on floured surface until about 1/8inch think. Let rise on pan or floured surface for 10mins and then cook for 5-6 mins in 400F oven. 


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