Our producers are the foundation of Buckwheat Flats.

We buy local whenever possible so that we can support small family farms and businesses that are doing their best to provide healthful, delicious food. Over the next months, we will be featuring more detailed information on each of these producers to help build connections between the food you eat and the people who grow it. Stay tuned.

Our current product & producer list includes:

  • Organic Stone Ground Flour, Cereals & Dry Goods from Speerville Mill
  • Laughing Whale Fair Trade Coffee
  • Hilltop Pork Products
  • Slipp Farms Organic Meat
  • Johannes Naturally Raised Beef
  • Speckled Hen Heritage Farm Organic Veggies
  • Hope Seeds and Perennials Organic Veggies & Herbs
  • Speerville Farms Pasta & Mustard
  • Anjana's Authentic Indian Cuisine
  • Hutlo Acre's Sweet Apple Cider
  • Tegan's Farm Fresh Garlic, Onions & Carrots
  • Canadian Organic Maple Co.
    and more...



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