Yolande Clark & Tegan Wong-Daugherty together with their families started Buckwheat Flats Natural Foods over a great potluck supper with friends in December of 2008. All of us gathered were keen on creating something that would bring locally produced, whole, organic and world food to the rural towns and villages of Carleton County. We jumped in, as young moms with our hearts on our sleeve and Buckwheat Flats Natural Foods was born.

Our vision is to establish a food store / resource centre /meeting place focused on sustainable, healthful, green living in our corner of beautiful New Brunswick. Buckwheat Flats comes from the name given over 100 years ago to the East Side of Florenceville. Buckwheat is a nourishing, hardy plant that does well in our northern climate. As a grain, buckwheat can be enjoyed as a whole grain (groat), toasted (kasha) and as a very delicious gluten-free flour. Versitile... Nutritious... Hardy... all great attributes to live up to with Buckwheat Flats Natural Foods...

We've started as a Carleton County buying club. You can simply order the foods you want from our growing product list and then we'll build your order and let you know when all is in ready for pick up or deliver right to you. Put your orders in online anytime. No minimum order!

Thank you for supporting local producers & businesses


Buckwheat Flats Natural Foods - realfood@back2land.ca